Fire formulas are the 1st stage liniments because they are used for opening up the physical channels in the hands and fingers. These liniments are hot in general and generate strong heat to open and purify the acupuncture meridians in the hands for increasing striking power. It is also used for increasing protective Wei Chi which keeps the skin soft, by circulation of the blood to wash away damaged cells that are badly damaged or destroyed so as to carry away through normal bodily functions, and help by preventing calluses from forming.

This type of liniment is sometimes called a Shao Yang activator and is used in the 1st stage training in the finger training. It is said by respected Chinese Masters that these liniments should be used for at least 6 months to 1 ½ years depending on which training regime you are performing. While using these hot liniments you will start to feel the increase of Yang Chi energy with continued training in times when you are not actively training, you will feel some heat in the hands for no reasons, however this is a good sign for you are gaining access to a much deeper level of energy.

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