The 4th stage of finger hand training is the Metal cold liniment. The essences of this liniment are associated with the skin as this is the domain of metal. These liniments are said to be uncommon in that like the hot liniments, it opens up the flow of energy along the acupuncture meridians. The Chi of these liniments produce s little or no heat which is discernibly felt. The energy at this level when used with this type of liniment is beginning to become more refined, and creates a feeling of radiating outward from the palm in general. It is said that these liniments first condition the hands to prevent the skin from becoming calloused and insensitive. Then in the later stages more chi energy is brought up into the hands and prevents uncommon energy problems like knots, stagnation and constricted flow. Some of these later liniments coat the hands in a protective sheath that sinks deep into the pores and helps focus an incredible amount of power into a strike.

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