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Ditdajow.com is one of the largest distributors of Chinese traditional herbal formulas and liniments in the United States. Unlike other suppliers, we are the unique position to produce and sell these ancient formulas to the world.

We are always working to perfect our liniments while maintaining a strict respect for tradition and authentic ditdajows. We combine modern and traditional methods in our manufacturing process and try all products before releasing them to the public. In other words, we take our work seriously, and our traditional ditdajow formulas are followed to the letter and to the herb without exception.



DitDaJow.com values your patronage and guarantees your satisfaction with our products. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our product(s), simply return them within 30 days in the original package(s) for a full refund. Note that some items cannot be returned and may be refused a refund based on the condition of the item which includes products which have been contaminated through mixing or misuse. Any damage to products must be reported upon receipt to comply with the rules of all common couriers and shipping companies. Dit Da Jow.com reserves the right to refuse refund under conditions it deems suspect (e.g. unreported damage, product mostly used, &c). We want your business, so please help us by providing feedback about your experiences with our dit da jow liniments and, in the case of any return, give us the reasons for your dissatisfaction so that we may provide better service and products to you in the future. 100% satisfaction is our goal.

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