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Here you can find several traditional conditioning programs. The purpose of conditioning programs are to strengthen and toughen a part of the body so it can withstand impact. In Chinese martial arts, conditioning programs have been practiced for thousands of years and have been refined to a very sophisticated level. For instance, it is possible to break with the bare hand three 1 inch concrete blocks (without spacers) with out any damage to the hand. That is enough force to crush and shatter the average hand. Today some people adopt part of the training and achieve some results, but sacrifice their body in the process by disfiguring or irreversible damaging the part of the body there are trying to condition. By using time proven traditional methods and proceeding correctly you can achieve very high levels of conditioning without the damage.

Some people use only one formula throughout their entire conditioning program. Although this will work to certain extent on the physical level, it will not allow you to progress to the higher, more internal energetic levels that allowed the legendary feats associated with these conditioning programs. If you already understand the importance of using different jows as your training progresses, click on the conditioning program of your choice.

If you are new to conditioning programs and would like a deeper explanation, then read on…

Proper conditioning consists of following time proven training methods and using the correct herbal formulas to assist and compliment the training regimen followed. The correct herbal formulas consist of several external jows and internal herbal pills or capsules (sometimes referred to as hit pills). The jows and internal formulas work on both the physical and energetic levels.

Train the surface area first…

  • When undertaking a conditioning program, surface areas such as the skin, muscles and fascia are affected first.
  • It is important to use the proper jow that targets surface tissue and bring an increase of blood flow and energy to the area.
  • Most regimens begin by utilizing a jow that opens up the physical and energetic channels in the area being conditioned.
  • These jows are sometimes called a Shao Yang activator; they set the proper foundation so conditioning can take place in the proper fashion.
  • These jows are hot in nature and generate strong heat to open and purify the acupuncture meridians and increase the protective Wei Chi.
  • They also increase circulation in the area being conditioned and supply nutrient rich blood for growth and repair while washing away any damaged cells that are then eliminated through normal bodily functions.
  • These jows condition the skin and increases circulation, while preventing fluid stagnation and bruising until the skin, fascia, blood vessels, and muscles acclimate to the training.

It is said by respected Chinese Masters that these jows should be used for at least 6 months to 1 ½ years depending on which training regime you are performing. While using these hot liniments you will start to feel the increase of Yang Chi energy and with continued training even in times when you are not actively training, you will feel some heat in the hands for no reasons. This is a good sign for you are gaining access to a much deeper level of energy.

Train the deeper connective tissues second

As training progresses and surface tissues become conditioned the practitioner is able to strike slightly harder objects without discomfort. Emphasis now shifts to the deeper connective tissues like tendon, ligaments, and cartilage. The jow needed at this time is one that has a slightly deeper penetration and supports strengthening and toughening of connective tissue. The focus at this stage is not only to strengthen the deeper connective tissue but to make it more elastic. From an energetic perspective, this stage channels the wei chi deeper into the body in the area being conditioned.

Train the deepest level, the bones, third…

As conditioning continues a harder object is struck and emphasis shifts to the deepest levels, the bones and bone marrow. The formula at this stage needs to penetrate very deeply and support bone health. The jow is usually on the cold side, and needs to drive chi deep into the marrow of the bones once the acupuncture meridians have been opened and freed of obstructions.

  • In addition to striking a harder object the practitioners ability to strike with more power (not necessarily harder) increases, both factors increase the stresses on the body.
  • This is why the longer term jows tend to be stronger, using the most potent herbs.
  • Keep in mind that even though the emphasis changes to deeper tissues, dose not mean the surface tissues are unaffected.
  • For instance, even though emphasis is on the bones, the skin, muscles, fascia, and connective tissues are still being conditioned and undergo changes.
  • The jow being used must take this into consideration and address the body as a whole by supporting overall energy and fluid circulation to prevent blocks, stagnation, or constrictions, while conditioning the skin and preventing it from becoming calloused and insensitive.

Once conditioning is completed, it is followed by maintenance…

By completion of the conditioning program the body part being conditioned has gone through a metamorphosis, the skin is stronger and resists minor cuts and tears, the muscles are strengthened and toughened and resist bruising, the nerves are strengthened, the connective tissue is toughened and has become stronger and more elastic, the bones have become denser and their wall thickness increases, and the marrow is invigorated. The energy at this level becomes more refined, and creates a feeling of radiating outward.

  • Once this level of conditioning is achieved the practitioner shifts into a maintenance mode of training and uses a jow to support, maintain, and further refine the work that has been accomplished.
  • Some of these jows coat the hands in a protective sheath that sinks deep into the pores and helps focus an incredible amount of power into a strike.
  • These liniments open the Luo channels that originate in the joints and supply constructive energy to protect the hands.
  • Continued training will temper the hand, pushing energy inside the muscles and sinews that lie along the bone.
  • Then the chi is condensed in the marrow.
  • This is the original method that gives the fighting styles. Like Eagle Claw, Phoenix Eye or Dim Mak their internal power.

As you can see a properly designed conditioning program will contain several jows, each with a different emphasis. Additionally internal herbal formulas which compliment the level and stage of training will greatly assist in developing a high degree of conditioning. The internal formulas help to prepare the body by opening up any internal energy blocks and assist in building up a high level of chi, other formulas nourish the body and prevent the stagnation of chi or blood and assist in recuperation. When the proper training is coupled with the proper jows and internal formulas you are on the road to developing a high level of conditioning in a healthy time proven manner.

Decide which Iron Training you want to pursue.. Iron Arm, Iron Body, Iron Palm, Iron Fist, Iron Fingers or Iron Leg…

  • On the TRAINING HALL page are several different conditioning programs which list the time guidelines, jows needed, and internal formulas recommended.
  • Please note that some programs require only one year and three jows, while some may take three years and require ten different jows.
  • These traditional, time proven, programs came about through much trial and error and have be refined to what works best.
  • For some programs, it was found that additional time and/or formulas were needed to develop the higher levels sought out by advanced martial artists.

NOTE: We have refrained from going into great detail, especially regarding the actual conditioning training. If you are interested in more information and instruction on conditioning programs, check our new IRON TRAINING section for books, videos and training bags.  Check back with us as we are in the process of compiling a book named THE IRON WARRIOR, which will have some never released information on specific conditioning programs which will include methods, equipment, jow formulas, guidelines, timelines, precautions, common questions, etc.

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