training-iron-armThe Iron Arm conditioning program will turn your forearms into weapons that will crush and damage an opponent as you strike or block. Following are the jows needed, the internal herbal formulas recommended and the time interval they should be used for this one year program.

1. FIRST STAGE: Use the Imperial Fire Dit Da Jow and the Twelve Meridian Balancer internal formula for the first three months.

2. SECOND STAGE: Use the  Chu Gar Dit Da Jow  and the Tan Tien Activator internal formula during the next three months.

3. THIRD STAGE: Use the Ancient Dit Da Jow and the Bone Marrow Elixir  internal formula  for the next three months.

4. FOURTH STAGE: Use the Ten Tigers Dit Da Jow and the  Iron Palm Elixir internal formula  for the next three months and as a maintenance program.

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